Giving back to our Community

We don’t need to tell you that right now we find ourselves in the worst economic and financial crisis of our time. Many of us are having to work much harder than ever in order to keep our personal and professional lives in one piece, but putting that to one side for a moment we don’t have to look too far outside of our own small worlds to find someone who is worse off than ourselves.

Not a day goes by without us seeing harrowing pictures on TV or reading horrific stories in the newspaper of just how unfortunate others are. Lifestyle Brokers have taken a step back and embraced a number of different charities with a view to giving back to our community.

As part of our commitment to the community, for every person that is referred to us by a client and we meet, we will donate HK$500 to one of the charities below:

The Hong Kong Red Cross

The Hong Kong Red Cross was established in 1950 as a branch of the British Red Cross Society. The Hong Kong Red Cross strives for a world in which people respect and protect human life and dignity, and where people are ready to offer impartial and voluntary aid to help improve the lives of vulnerable people.

For more information, please go to

Click here to visit Red Cross Hong Kong Website

SOS Childrens’s Villages

SOS Children is a charity helping children with absolutely nowhere else to turn. SOS Children has more than fifty years of achievements as a children's charity and works in 123 countries around the world. Today, SOS Children has 473 permanent villages consisting of clusters of individual family homes giving each child an SOS family for life, with a mother and siblings. These programmes include schools and medical centres that support the children and other children in the local community, and help to strengthen family unity in order to prevent child abandonment and abuse. Nearly a million children worldwide directly benefit from SOS and around 70,000 depend entirely on SOS for a home, family and future.

For more information, please go to

Click here to visit SOS Children Website

Youth Outreach

Youth Outreach was established in November 1991 as a crisis intervention center for youth. Our services include All-night Outreaching Program, 24-hour hotline for young people in Hong Kong making possible an immediate response to crisis situations, Youth Employment Start-up Program as well as workshops to assist non-engaged youth to rebuild their self-image, regain self-confidence and reset life goals to raise their motivation to study or work.

For more information go to

Click here to visit Youth Outreach Website

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