Most of the off-plan properties that we market are situated in regeneration areas of UK. These are locations where the UK government is injecting millions of pounds to improve the economic and social conditions which in turn will ultimately be reflected in an increase in th

Due Diligence - The Key to Success!

Find the right property, secure the right discount in the right location with great rentability prospects. For an individual investor to carry out this process would be very difficult and time consuming. Even worse, you may do the necessary research only to find that the property has been purchased by someone else. Before Lifestyle Brokers accept any projects from developers we ensure that all due diligence criteria have been met.

Discounted Property

Discounted Property The first rule of successful property investment is to always buy below market value. Discounted off-plan property provides our clients with instant equity. For more information about current opportunities please register now.


Buying off-plan locks in today’s prices and offers the potential for capital growth during the build process which can be from 6-24 months. Buyers can, for a small deposit, exchange contracts on a property and fix the price they will pay on completion at today’s rate. Lifestyle Brokers use their strong relationship with property sourcing groups to secure the best possible discounts which are typically between 10-15%.